Barnaby Kaede and Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny I think Kotetsu is


Barnaby, Kaede and Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny. I think Kotetsu is starting to


There's also the question of Kaede's NEXT powers. We aren't happy about them at all although it wasn't a surprise to see she had developed them too.

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Stop staring at Barnaby.

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tiger & bunny 24 kotetsu remarks on eyelashes of barnaby

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... and thinks he's invincible and that Kotetsu's as good as dealt with. Kaede was also ...

Barnaby begins to scold Kotetsu on how a grown man such as him should be ashamed for sleeping on the job, and it's pathetic. Bunny does feel a bit bad using ...

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Tiger and Bunny - Family (Extended) by AquaWaters ...


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[HD] Kotetsu x Karina x Tomoe (Kaede) - Shiver - YouTube


... in Episode 20 contains a picture of Barnaby from his swimwear photoshoot. In his Speedos. As Kotetsu ...

Before we get into the Barnaby stuff, how about something a little more light-hearted? They think that Kaede has the power to mimic the powers of the last ...

and lol Kotetsu lying how it doesn't bother him when Mary is acting sexy around him XD

Tiger & Bunny has been avoiding the subject of Kotetsu and Kaede's relationship for 16 episodes – and I suppose you could say Kotetsu has been avoiding it ...

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Tiger & Bunny AMV- Stand By You- Kotetsu/Barnaby

Tiger and bunny: Lucky to be a lady tonight

Just looking at this screencap makes me sad. He actually teared up like four times the entire episode. We can understand why Kotetsu is at such a loss when ...

Summary ...

I for one am very glad the secret between Kotetsu and Kaede is out in the open. Though both of them are still in serious jeopardy, at least their ...

As Barnaby recovers, Kotetsu phones home to let Kaede et al know that he won't be home for a while yet - a decision that receives short shrift from his ...

To ...

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Kotetsu and Kaede Kaburagi

tiger & bunny 24 kotetsu dying in arms of barnaby

... Barnaby in Episode 8 ...

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Tiger Bunny Kotetsu x Barnaby

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what do you see? :D

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Tiger & Bunny

Kaede's Superman - Tiger and Bunny

Father and daughter - Kotetsu and Kaede by AOEmpires ...

Tiger & Bunny's Barnaby Brooks ...

Was it convenient and a little too easy when Kaede zapped everyone's memories back to normal with her NEXT power? Yeah, it was, and admittedly not the best ...

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The Tiger's Bunny. Fanfiction. Kotetsu and Barnaby ...

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It's a good thing that Barnaby is so dogged and so blunt, because the way Kotetsu shoves both Antonio (Rock Bison) and Ben away is…well, ...

Character Analysis: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

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In one of the manga anthology stories, Nathan decides that Kotetsu could use a change of wardrobe. The results are... ...

و بعد مرور أسابيع كملت تلوين {كابوراغي كايدي}💗😍 بنت كابوراغي كوتيتسو من

Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves

"100 Ways To Make A Single Father Fall For You"... I quote Timmy Turner: "That was ODDLY SPECIFIC!"

"And you have long ears like a cute bunny rabbit" - Wild Tiger (Kotetsu).

The brown hair girl on the right is Kaede,the daughter of Kotetsu She is

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[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Novel - TIGER & BUNNY

Moe Sucks

Tiger & Bunny Episode 22 Discussion

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Tiger & Bunny, Vol.

TIGER AND BUNNY ... and Kaede by LazyBasy ...

Take Heed of the Snake in the Grass

Tiger Bunny Kotetsu Yuri

The universes for Tiger & Bunny and My Hero Academia are so similiar, so you

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Tiger & Bunny

How I love you so (yandere Barnaby x Kotetsu)

Krista's Korner – Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

This was one of the few times I've really felt disappointed in Kotetsu – this conflict-avoidance thing isn't something to be proud of, and his first duty is ...

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